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The cryptocurrency world is gripped by the unfolding legal drama of Sam Bankman-Fried's trial, which sheds light on the intricate balance of power, trust, and justice. 


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  • Day 6 highlighted Caroline Ellison's testimony, revealing FTX's financial mismanagement under SBF's leadership and the alleged deceit employed to hide critical information.
  • Day 7 saw Ellison's poised cross-examination, hinting at shifts in the defense's strategy and unveiling critical decisions within Alameda Research that led to FTX's collapse.
  • Day 8 featured BlockFi CEO Zac Prince's testimony, exposing the catastrophic consequences of FTX and Alameda's actions, including the utilization of customer funds and collateral in their financial maneuvers.
  • Day 9's revelations by Nishad Singh painted a picture of extravagant spending and questionable financial practices within FTX, adding complexity to the legal narrative.
  • Day 10 highlighted Singh's disclosures, exposing lucrative executive benefits and discussions around FTX's financial deficit, while FBI Agent Busick's testimony shed light on Bankman-Fried's interactions with prominent figures and policymakers.
  • Day 11 delved into the intricate money trail and political associations, presenting evidence of financial transactions and political financing, hinting at the defense's potential strategies.
  • Day 12 featured former FTX General Counsel Can Sun's revelation of a $7 billion deficit and confirmed misappropriation of FTX customer funds, leaving Robert Boroujerdi's testimony to underscore the consequences of SBF's omitted details.
  • Day 13 witnessed a stalemate in the courtroom, with the defense calling upon key witnesses and SBF taking the stand, revealing critical aspects of FTX's operations and financial practices while leaving key questions unanswered.
  • During Trial Day 14, Sam Bankman-Fried refuted allegations of defrauding FTX customers, presenting himself as an unsuccessful entrepreneur and deflecting responsibility onto his inner circle.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the once-revered architect behind FTX, continues to grapple with a high-stakes legal battle that has riveted cryptocurrency enthusiasts. As the courtroom drama unfolds, revelations and accusations from FTX’s current custodians, led by the formidable John Jay Ray III, echo like thunderclaps, casting a shadow over Bankman-Fried’s previously unblemished reputation.

A cascade of damning evidence, laid bare by tenacious prosecutors from the U.S. Department of Justice, paints a troubling portrait. A meticulously crafted narrative suggests that Bankman-Fried was more than a passive bystander during the tumultuous FTX and Alameda Research saga.

Previously we have covered the first few days of the SBF trial. You can find it here.  

Our follow-up to our initial coverage of the trial sheds light on the latest twists and turns that have thrown the renowned crypto luminary into an uncertain legal future. 

Trial Day 6: Caroline Ellison's Unsettling Revelations Unveil SBF's Complicity

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Disturbing Financial Maneuvers

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The courtroom atmosphere intensified as Caroline Ellison, the former CEO of Alameda Research and former romantic partner of SBF, took center stage on the sixth day of the trial

Ellison's testimony revealed a disturbing saga of financial mismanagement, with SBF allegedly orchestrating deceptive tactics to cover up the precarious financial position of Alameda. 

Ellison's account unraveled a web of intricate deception, exposing how SBF allegedly coerced her into presenting altered balance sheets to external entities. Her revelation about preparing multiple versions of the balance sheet and omitting crucial information about funds owed to FTX showcased the elaborate measures taken to shield the truth, ultimately betraying the trust of FTX's loyal customer base.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Ellison's testimony further implicated SBF in a controversial bribery scandal involving Chinese officials. Her detailed narrative of SBF's purported acceptance of advice from an employee named David Ma led to the transfer of a substantial sum of cryptocurrencies to purported addresses linked to Chinese officials. 

Trial Day 7: Ellison's Composure Amidst Cross-Examination Unveils Intriguing Dynamics

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Shifts in Legal Strategy


The seventh day of the trial came to a climax as Caroline Ellison faced a probing cross-examination by both SBF's lawyer and the prosecutor. 

Mark Cohen, the esteemed attorney representing SBF, notably refrained from reiterating his earlier assertion that Ellison was responsible for the failure of FTX. Instead, his line of questioning primarily revolved around topics previously discussed in Ellison's initial testimony, hinting at potential shifts in SBF's defense strategy. 

Unveiling Critical Testimony

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Assistant US Attorney Danielle Sassoon probed Ellison about Alameda's decision to purchase $FTT from Binance at a fixed rate, unraveling a crucial piece of the puzzle that highlighted the intricate financial interplay within the cryptocurrency landscape.

While acknowledging the impact of CZ's tweet, Ellison emphasized the pivotal role played by Alameda's ill-fated decision to borrow a staggering $10 billion from FTX. Furthermore, her firm denial of any involvement in authorizing the contentious $65 billion line of credit for Alameda unveiled a critical aspect of her defense.

Source: The Wallstreet Journal

Trial Day 8: Zac Prince's Testimony Unveils BlockFi's Dire Consequences

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BlockFi's Crippling Losses

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Zac Prince, the CEO of the now-bankrupt crypto lending company BlockFi, took the stand on the eighth day of the trial, delivering a damning account of the catastrophic repercussions stemming from FTX and Alameda's alleged misdeeds. 

Prince's harrowing testimony laid bare the staggering losses incurred by BlockFi, attributing the company's downfall to its involvement with FTX and Alameda. Prince highlighted the astronomical figure of over $1 billion in loans extended to Alameda. 

Zac Prince (Source: Bloomberg)

It was revealed that BlockFi not only utilized Alameda's collateral to facilitate dealings with FTX but also deposited a staggering $350 million of customer funds into FTX's account.

Trial Day 9: Explosive Testimonies Expose SBF's Lavish Expenditures and Dubious Financial Practices

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A series of explosive testimonies from former Alameda and FTX insiders revealed the extent of Sam Bankman-Fried's extravagant spending and questionable financial maneuvers on its ninth day. Nishad Singh's testimony, in particular, shed light on the vast sums allocated to bolster Bankman-Fried's public persona and the intricate web of financial intricacies that shrouded the operations of FTX and Alameda Research.

Unveiling Lavish Expenditures

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Singh's stark revelations painted a vivid picture of Bankman-Fried's extravagant lifestyle, with significant investments directed towards high-profile endorsements, real estate acquisitions, and luxury gifts. The staggering $1.3 billion devoted to celebrity promotions and high-end consultancy firms underscored the lengths to which Bankman-Fried allegedly went to cultivate a facade of legitimacy, all while internal operations were embroiled in a mire of financial irregularities and ethical breaches.

Dubious Financial Practices Exposed

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Singh's detailed account of Bankman-Fried's and his inner circle's financial maneuvers revealed a troubling pattern of mismanagement. In Singh's testimony, he painted a picture of a company embroiled in practices that far exceeded ethical governance, from the intricate web of political donations facilitated by convoluted loan structures to the development of questionable code to access locked FTT tokens. Singh's damning statements revealed FTX and Alameda's deliberate orchestration of financial transactions, raising profound questions about their moral compass.

Further Nishad Singh asserted that the entire operation was funded by Alameda Research and overseen by Bankman-Fried and his brother, unveiling a complex web of financial entanglements.

Nishad Singh (Source: CNBC)

Trial Day 10: Singh's Revelations Cast Shadows on Bankman-Fried's Enterprises

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The tenth day of the trial thrust the spotlight on Nishad Singh's disclosures, unraveling a tangled web of executive benefits concerning meetings and the infamous code bug that triggered financial chaos within Bankman-Fried's cryptocurrency empire.

Unveiling Lucrative Executive Benefits

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Singh's revelations brought to light the extent of the lavish benefits enjoyed by executives within Bankman-Fried's companies, with staggering sums allocated for cash bonuses, substantial loans, and significant equity acquisition. With cash flows from FTX and other sources entwined in the intricate financial web, key players within the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange led lavish lifestyles.

Echoes of Disarray and Closure Discussions

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Singh provides a detailed account of the discussions surrounding the $8 billion deficit within Bankman-Fried's trading firm, shedding light on the financial turmoil that followed Terraform Labs' collapse. Corroborating witness testimonies added credibility to Singh's narrative, painting a vivid picture of the chaotic events that preceded the downfall of FTX and the subsequent legal battle that would follow.

Insights from FBI Special Agent Testimony

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Special Agent Richard Busick's testimony provided a glimpse into the digital footprint of Bankman-Fried, offering visual evidence of the FTX founder's interactions with prominent figures and policymakers. The compelling visual evidence, including photo shoots with Forbes, high-profile meetings, and interactions with political figures, revealed the expansive social capital wielded by Bankman-Fried within the corridors of power.

Trial Day 11: Unveiling the Complex Money Trail and Political Entanglements

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Day 11 of the trial delved into the intricate web of financial transactions and political associations surrounding Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) as prosecutors called upon key witnesses to testify about the complex money trail and its connections to high-stakes political endeavors.

Katz's Testimony: Establishing Political Links

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The former in-house lobbyist for FTX. US, Eliora Katz's brief testimony highlighted the deep-seated connections between Bankman-Fried and prominent political figures such as Maxine Waters, offering insight into the intricate power dynamics that may have influenced crucial political decisions. Katz's account emphasized the convergence of cryptocurrency and political realms.

Easton's Revelations: Tracing the Money Trail

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University of Notre Dame Accountancy Professor, Peter Easton's comprehensive analysis unveiled the complex flow of funds from FTX customers to various entities, revealing the link between cryptocurrency transactions and political financing. A detailed account of the financial transactions that Bankman-Fried and his associates orchestrated through Silvergate Bank and Signet revealed a trail of investments, loan repayments, and major real estate acquisitions that contributed to the intricate financial transactions.

Delving into Incriminating Evidence

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The financial forensic analysis conducted by Paige Owens of the FBI supported the damning narrative, uncovering a series of transactions directed towards political entities and super PACs, further implicating Bankman-Fried in a web of potentially illicit financial activities.

Trial Day 12: Shocking Testimonies and Unveiled Deceptions Rock the Courtroom

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Former FTX General Counsel Can Sun took the stand on the twelfth day of the SBF Trial and delivered a dramatic account of the events leading up to the catastrophic collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange.

Unveiling a Billion Deficit

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Sun's testimony disclosed the existence of a staggering $7 billion deficit in customer funds. The General Counsel reportedly had a hand in crafting FTX's terms of service, which heightened the intensity of the allegations against Bankman-Fried and his associates.

Sun's account of the meeting with Bankman-Fried and other key figures provided details on the systematic mismanagement of customer deposits, which reinforced suspicions that Alameda Research misappropriated FTX customer funds. 

Consequences of Omitted Details

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Robert Boroujerdi of Third Point emphasized that Bankman-Fried's alleged omission of crucial details affected the firm's $60 million investment in the now-failed crypto exchange. The devastating realization that the investment was now rendered worthless added another layer of complexity to the unfolding legal saga.

Source: CCN

Trial Day 13: Tensions Rise as Testimonies Unfold and SBF Takes the Stand

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Day 13 of the SBF trial unfolded with a heightened sense of anticipation, yet the proceedings quickly descended into a maze of legal disputes and intricate testimonies, keeping attendees on the edge of their seats as the trial neared its critical juncture.

Insights Unveiled: Witnesses Under Scrutiny

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Defense attorney Krystal Rolle and financial consultant Joseph Pimbley provided crucial insights about FTX's regulatory interactions as well as the intricate financial environment surrounding the crypto exchange. Pimbley's expert analysis of FTX's code and database laid bare a complex financial picture, while Rolle's revelations about the transfer of digital assets to the Bahamas regulator added another dimension to the evolving narrative.

SBF Takes the Stand: A Pivotal Testimony Unfolds

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In a pivotal moment, SBF took the stand, facing intense scrutiny as he navigated a series of questions about the usage of Signal and the controversial North Dimension entity. His testimony shed light on critical aspects of FTX's operational dynamics yet left lingering questions about the legality of certain financial practices. 

Trial Day 14: Bankman-Fried's Defense Strategy Unveiled

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Sam Bankman-Fried took the stand, countering the prosecution's narrative of his alleged involvement in defrauding FTX customers. The defense's approach sought to portray Bankman-Fried as an unsuccessful entrepreneur rather than a deliberate fraudster.

Shifting Blame and Disputing Allegations

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Throughout his testimony, Bankman-Fried offered lengthy explanations for his actions, frequently attempting to shift blame onto his inner circle, asserting their autonomy in making decisions without his direct involvement. He firmly denied committing any crimes or utilizing customer funds for personal gain, maintaining that the sources of various expenses were not derived from customer deposits.

Countering Caroline Ellison's Claims

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Bankman-Fried addressed the allegations by former Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison, refuting her assertions of his involvement in manipulating Alameda's balance sheets. He portrayed Ellison as a competent trader who allegedly disregarded his warnings about FTX's exposure to market risks, thus attempting to discredit her previous testimony, which implicated him in the deceptive financial practices at Alameda.

Cryptocurrency's Legal Storm

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With prosecutors poised to cross-examine Bankman-Fried, the trial's outcome remains uncertain. The competing narratives present a compelling legal showdown, leaving the jury to determine the credibility of each side's version of events.

A complex interplay between power, trust, and justice is revealed by the intricate legal saga surrounding Sam Bankman-Fried's trial. With each trial day uncovering a web of financial intricacies, dubious practices, and the far-reaching consequences of FTX and Alameda Research's actions, the once-revered figure of Bankman-Fried stands at the center of a storm.

As the courtroom drama unfolds, the gravity of the allegations against Bankman-Fried and his associates becomes increasingly apparent, leaving an indelible mark on the future trajectory of the cryptocurrency industry. It serves as a stark reminder of how challenging it is to relentlessly pursue accountability and transparency in the volatile field of digital finance, with the trial's conclusion looming.


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